Employee satisfaction

About employee satisfaction

The survey focuses on the employee’s opinion about working in the company. The employee is asked five questions, where the four questions focus on the current employee satisfaction (based on working conditions, salary conditions, colleagues and immediate superior), while the fifth question focuses on loyalty (Can you recommend our company to others?).

The core of the survey setup is that a few basic questions are asked rather than many different and detailed questions. The employee also has the opportunity to provide additional comments on all five questions.

The survey must appear simple and easily accessible, and it must be clear to the employees that it is their experience of the co-operation that is in focus. By giving employees the opportunity to elaborate on their answers based on a few basic questions, you do not shape the answers in a particular direction, but give the employees the opportunity to share exactly what is important for them.

The survey provides an overall picture of employees’ current satisfaction and expectations.

The goal is to listen to employees and gaining insight into their immediate attitudes towards your company. When you listen, it gives inspiration to relevant dialogue – What works well? And what do not work so well?

The survey result should not be considered as a solution in itself, and should therefore not stand alone. The survey result should be seen as a tool for follow-up dialogue with employees.

Survey process

FACITanalysis invites the selected recipients via e-mail.

A responsive design is used which means that the email invitations is adapted for reading on both computers, tablets and smartphones.

FACITanalysis sends out an email invitation to the planned start date, and subsequently sends a reminder email after 7 and 14 days, respectively, to the respondents who have not yet responded.

A status report is sent after the 1st and 2nd email that informs about who has and has not responded.

FACITanalysis sends a results report no later than five working days after the response deadline.

The employee satisfaction survey is anonymous.

We recommend that the company prior to sending out the satisfaction survey communicates to the recipients that there is a satisfaction survey on the way (why, how to follow up, etc.). This can, for example, be done in a newsletter or in a prior email.

Survey frequency

The need for measuring employee satisfaction and loyalty varies from company to company. It is typically sufficient for employees to be asked 1-2 times a year.

The survey can be sent to all employees at the same time, or the sending can be divided according to relevant employee groups. It can, for example, be divided according to department, job function, geography, etc. It is important that there is time for the follow-up dialogue with the employees.