About FACITanalysis

At FACITanalysis we have been working dedicated with online customer and employee satisfaction surveys since 2003.

It is our strong believe that every company can benefit from using satisfaction surveys, but we also recognize that many companies have difficulty finding a provider of survey solutions to suit their specific needs.

Buying surveys and consultancy at Survey Agencies can be time consuming and expensive, while buying your own survey software can be time consuming and requires specific know-how.

FACITanalysis offers a simple survey solution based on standard survey templates. It is easy and quick to set up a survey, and we can carry out the task from start to finish. If needed you can customize the question text and you can add new questions.

Our standard survey template is priced at a fixed low price of USD 144.00.

We deliver know-how and ensure that the survey has an external and objective sender.

We guarantee a proven technical platform that is being developed continuously.

FACITanalysis is a Danish company and we have been operating in the Danish market since 2003 through the website FACITanalyse.dk. We are constantly working to optimize the survey concept and expand our customer focus. Today we have our focus on English-speaking countries through the website FACITanalysis.com.