Data and security

FACITanalysis gives priority to data security and reliability of operation.

All collected data are stored safely on servers at professional data centres with high standards for stability, security and quality.

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We use ZOHO SURVEY, for our surveys, and data are stored with ZOHO SURVEY as long as the survey is active. Read more about Privacy Policy and GDPR at ZOHO SURVEY.

Survey data

All data from completed surveys are deleted immediately after forwarding of the results report to the customer (unless otherwise agreed in writing).


FACITanalysis wants us and our co-operation partners to follow the applicable guidelines in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The essence of the regulation is the protection of personal data and how to avoid unauthorized access to companies’ data on their customers, clients or employees. The intent of GDPR is to ensure that personal data are only collected, processed and stored under strict conditions and for legitimate purposes. Consequently, organisations that collect and process your personal data must protect them from misuse and comply with special conditions.

Use of cookies on the website

This website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • Technical cookies. Ensure the best possible functioning of the website.
  • Statistical cookies. Are used to optimise design and ease of use.
  • Tracking cookies. Collect information on activity on the website.

A cookie is stored on your computer from Google Analytics for statistical purposes. We do this in order to analyze the behavior of the visitors on the website, so that we can continuously improve the usability.

We do not collect information for use in connection with advertising and marketing.


Our website uses ”cookies”, which is a text file that is saved on your computer, cell phone or similar device for the purpose of recognizing it, remembering settings and collecting statistics. Cookies cannot contain malicious code such as virus. It is possible to delete or block cookies. Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (variable), but they are renewed after each visit.

Personal data

Personal data include all types of information which to some extent can be attributed to you. We collect and process such information when, for example, you order an offer for a survey or sign up for our email newsletter.

Personal data are never provided to third parties unless you have given consent, and we never collect personal data unless you have yourself provided us with this data by ordering an offer for a survey, signing up for our email newsletter etc.

Personal data are used to execute the purchase or service in respect of which the data have been collected. The data may also be used for surveys aimed at optimizing our services and content.

We only use data processors in the EU, USA or other countries that are able to adequately protect your data.

You are entitled to know which personal data we have registered on you. You may at any time withdraw your consent to our registration of data on you. If the registered data are incorrect you are entitled to rectification or deletion of these. Any enquiries regarding personal data may be addressed to

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